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Nighttime Reflux in Babies May Require After Care Diagnosis

Nighttime reflux is a very common ailment among infants that can cause pain for the child and distress for their caretakers. The child (along with the parents) can lose sleep and have trouble eating and keeping food down. However, because the symptoms are so vague, it can be very difficult to diagnose and may require a diagnosis from an after hours pediatrics center such as those from Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care. Because nighttime reflux in babies occurs, like noted in its name, at night, you may need to go somewhere past regular office hours of your family pediatrician. If you are in the Orlando area and looking for an urgent care pediatrics office for your infant’s needs, call Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care for an appointment today!

Is This Reflux?

When a pediatrician receives a call regarding a concerned parent who wants to know if their baby has reflux, they want to make sure there isn’t something else going on. It is important for parents to bring their babies in to be diagnosed properly so other problems can be ruled out. Pediatricians mostly look for a good weight gain, as adequate weight gain in the first few months for an infant can help them know if the infant has reflux or if there is something more serious going on. Some symptoms of reflux include a child who eats and grows normally but seems uncomfortable, arches, screams, and often stays irritable. All of their other developmental milestones are being met, however, and it is only feeding times or reflux that seems to bother them. All babies reflux, as gastroesophageal reflux is simply fluid from the stomach coming up into the esophagus, something that happens around 30 times a day for the majority of infants, since their throat and stomach muscles aren’t as developed.


Nighttime Reflux in Babies

Infants who experience reflux episodes at night generally don’t get as much sleep as someone who isn’t dealing with painful burning. These reflux episodes cause sleep disturbances that include arousal from sleep, increased wakefulness, and overall poor quality of sleep. This is especially hard on growing infants and children, as they need even more sleep than adults to function properly, so any kind of sleep disruption can make for very grouchy babies. Moreover, nighttime reflux tends to be more damaging than during the day, since lying flat can not only cause more acid to splash up into the child’s esophagus, but the natural clearing done by the esophagus does not work as efficiently while lying down. Infants have less developed muscles in their throats and stomachs, making it harder for them to keep the acid down. Because nighttime reflux occurs at night when your general physician is not at the office, concerned parents may need to take their infant to an after hours pediatrics clinic like Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care for a proper diagnosis and advice regarding their child’s symptoms.


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Nighttime reflux in babies is a common occurrence that could require a formal pediatric diagnosis. If you’re in the Orlando area and looking for an after hours pediatrics center, call Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care for quality pediatric services.

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