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Know The Difference Between Urgent Care and Emergency Care

With such similar names, it can be easy to get confused about what exactly is an urgent care center and what is an emergency center. It is tricky to know where you should take your child following an illness or accident, but if you know where you should go, then it reduces panic and helps you pick the best possible health care route for your child. This is what every parent wants, so you should know whether you should look up “urgent care near me” or take your kid to emergency care. Each option has its place, and choosing the right one requires self-evaluation. Taking your child to the emergency room for minor illnesses or injuries can waste time for others in more severe conditions, not to mention leave your child in discomfort for longer because emergency rooms tend to have long lines and prioritize the most severe injuries and illnesses. On the other hand, extremely serious cases should be brought to the emergency room in order for them to be treated with all the available equipment there. If you are looking for an urgent care center for your child in the Orlando area, call Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care to set up an appointment today!

Urgent Care Versus Emergency Rooms

There’s an important distinction between a minor injury or complaint and a major injury that requires an entire medical team and a full range of hospital surgical equipment to treat. It’s crucial to know about these two types of care so that you are informed towards the right one. When choosing between urgent care and the hospital, know what urgent care clinics offer. Anything you would go to your regular doctor for you can go to an urgent care clinic. Urgent care can fill in for your regular primary care physician, and the stand-alone clinics are open evenings, weekends, and holidays during hours that your general practitioner is not available.

We can provide the sorts of general injury treatment and medical care that your primary physican would be able to generally perform in their office- the big difference is that urgent care facilities are open during nontraditional hours and late into the night, since there never is a convenient time for an accident or illness to occur. When you’re looking up “urgent care near me,” note that a pediatric urgent care center like Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care will offer more specialized care for your child, as our physicians and staff are more used to working with children, unlike emergency room staff, who are more general and may be uncomfortable or unused to working with small children. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care offers cold and flu treatment, earaches, sprained ankles, and minor cuts that require stitches. We don’t perform complex surgery, but have full pediatric X-ray services and lab testing.


What Emergency Care Does

Emergency rooms in hospitals are equipped for pretty much anything. Although they are able to treat minor injuries or sickness, they are best suited for more serious cases. Moreover, because the lines are so long, the most severe cases will be prioritized, meaning that your child might have to wait longer to get treatment


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There are benefits to both urgent care clinics and emergency care. If you’re looking up “urgent care near me” in the Orlando area for your child, call Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care to set up an appointment today!

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